Federico Fellini's 'La Dolce Vita' Next Classic Film Up for a Remake

Another day, another remake. They're currently remaking Ben-Hur, so why not remake almost everything else? AMBI Group out of Italy has announced plans to remake Federico Fellini's Oscar winning 1960 classic La Dolce Vita. The project will be financed & produced by AMBI with Italian producer Daniele Di Lorenzo through his production company LDM Productions. It's already being described as an "homage" remake to the original Fellini film, which starred Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg. Either this news will cause you to flip over a table in rage, or leave you numb, since remakes are only getting more and more plentiful.

Here's a quote from Francesca Fellini, niece of Federico Fellini, in the press release commenting on how this particular remake came about and why she's not worried about it turning out bad or ruining the original.

“We’ve been approached countless times and asked to consider everything from remakes and re-imaginings to prequels and sequels. We knew it would take very special producers and compelling circumstances to motivate the family to allow rights to be optioned,” she said in a statement. “Daniele, Andrea and Monika have a beautiful vision of a modern film, and considering their Italian heritage and deep appreciation and understanding of my uncle’s works, there couldn’t be a better alignment for this project.”

Fellini's La Dolce Vita premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 1960, where it won Palme d'Or, then hit US theaters in 1961 where it eventually won the Oscar for Best Costume Design (and was nominated for three other Oscars including Best Picture). The film tells a series of stories following a week in the life of a philandering paparazzo Marcello Rubini living in Rome. "Our vision is of a contemporary story every bit as commercial, iconic and award-worthy as the original. These are big aspirations of course, but we have to be bold if we want to match the imprint of the original film and have the utmost confidence this vision will play out beautifully." It sounds like they've got an idea together that impressed the Fellini family, so if that's the case, let's see what they're planning. In the meantime - grab the Blu-ray and go watch Fellini's original film.